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Crop Recommendations » Turnip Greens

Weed Management

North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual


Herbicide Use Patterns in Turnip Greens

Active Ingredient Trade Name(s) Turnip Greens Registrations
Preplant or Preemergence  
Bensulide Prefar **
DCPA Dacthal **
Glyphosate Roundup and others PP, PRE
Paraquat Gramoxone Inteon and others PP, PRE
Trifluralin Treflan and others PPIa
Clethodim Select and others POST
Clopyralid Stinger, Clopyr AG POSTc
DCPA Dacthal **
Glyphosate Roundup Weather Max **
Sethoxydim Poast **

PP = Preplant to soil surface or emerged weeds
PRE = Preemergence of crop
POST = Postemergence to crop and weeds
** = Not registered for use.
PPIa  = Do not use if turnip roots are to be consumed
POSTc = Only Clopyr AG labeled for use in turnip

Always read and understand the entire label prior to using any herbicide