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North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual


Cabbage (click to enlarge)

Herbicide Use Patterns in Cabbage

Active Ingredient Trade Name(s) Cabbage Registrations
Preplant or Preemergence  
Bensulide Prefar PP, PRE
Clomazone Command PRE, PRE-T
Glyphosate Roundup, various generics PP, PRE
Oxyfluorfen Goal, GoalTender, Galigan PRE-T
Paraquat Gramoxone Max and others PP, PRE-T
Trifluralin Treflan, other generics PPI
Clethodim Select and others POST
Clopyralid Stinger. Clopyr AG POST
DCPA Dacthal POSTa
Glyphosate Roundup Weather Max RM
Napropamide Devrinol POSTa
Sethoxydim Poast POST

PP = Preplant to soil surface or emerged weeds
PPI = Preplant incorporated
PRE = Preemergence of crop
PRE-T = Soil applied prior to transplant
POST = Postemergence to crop and weeds
POSTa = Applied directly over transplants
RM = Shielded or hooded to row middles

Always read and understand the entire label prior to using any herbicide