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Dr. David W. Monks
Assistant Director of Research, NCARS
Department of Horticultural Science

Phone: 919.515.5370

Mailing Address:
160 Kilgore Hall, Box 7609
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7609

Responsibility and Area of Specialty:

Extension and research responsibilities for weed management in vegetable and small fruit (blueberries, brambles, grapes, and strawberries) crops. Research interests include weed/crop competition, weed ecology, weed management in no-till and conventional vegetables and herbicide efficacy, residue and carryover studies. Research interests also include developing alternative methods (i.e. living mulch) to herbicides for weed management.


  • Ph.D. 1985 University of Arkansas


Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Meyers, S.L., K.M. Jennings, J.R. Schultheis, and D.W. Monks. 2010. Interference of Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) in sweetpotato. Weed Sci. 58:199-203.
  2. Meyers, S.L., K.M. Jennings, J.R. Schultheis, and D.W. Monks. 2010. Evaluation of flumioxazin and s-metolachlor rate and timing for Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) control in sweetpotato. Weed Technol. In press.
  3. Dittmar, P.J., K.M. Jennings, D.W. Monks. 2010. Response of watermelon to rate and timing of imazosulfuron. Weed Technol. 24:127-129.
  4. Norsworthy, J.K., M.J. Oliveira, P. Jha, M. Malik, J.K. Buckelew, K.M. Jennings and D.W. Monks. 2008. Palmer amaranth and large crabgrass growth with plasticulture-grown pepper. Weed Technol. 22:296-302.
  5. Pekarek, R., D.W. Monks, P.V. Garvey, K.M. Jennings, A.W. MacRae. 2010. Effect of sulfentrazone herbicide on vegetable follow-crops. Weed Technol. 24:20-24.
  6. Dittmar, P.J., D.W. Monks, J.R. Schultheis and K.M. Jennings. 2008. Effects of Postemergence and Postemergence-Directed Halosulfuron on Triploid Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus). Weed Technol. 22:467-471.
  7. Sydorovych, O., C.D. Safley, R.M. Welker, L.M. Ferguson, D.W. Monks, K. Jennings, J. Driver and F.J. Louws. 2008. Economic evaluation of methyl bromide alternatives for the production of tomatoes in North Carolina. HortTech. 18:705-713.
  8. Buckelew, J. K., D. W. Monks, K. M. Jennings, G. D. Hoyt, and R. F. Walls, Jr. 2006. Eastern black nightshade (Solanum ptycanthum) reproduction and interference in transplanted plasticulture tomato. Weed Sci. 54:490-495.
  9. Norsworthy, J. K., M. J. Oliveira, P. Jha, M. Malik, J. K. Buckelew, K. M. Jennings, and D. W. Monks. 2007. Palmer amaranth and large crabgrass growth with plasticulture-grown Capsicum annuum. Weed Tech. 22:296-302.

Revised  August 19, 2010.