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Wolfpack Weeds is an integral part of the North Carolina State Deptartment of Horticultural Science. Our mission is to provide innovative research, outreach and extension programs in the areas of weed science and weed management.

These programs encompass field residue, crop safety, weed control and management systems, herbicide development and efficiency, and alternative methods for weed management.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at North Carolina State University sponsors field days on agricultural commodities ranging from apples and cotton to tomatoes, turf and sweet potatoes. See more about Field Days.

02/11/15: The 2015 Southeastern US Vegetable Crop Handbook is now available under our Publications tab
04/16/14: Zeus XC Herbicide Cleared for Use in Caneberry, Grape, and Blueberry
03/31/14: League herbicide (imazosulfuron) now registered for use in melons and potatoes
12/17/12: NCSU IR-4 Field Research Center is now on-line. Click here for updated information
04/01/12: Herbicide Injury photos for strawberry injury from Reflex applied POST
11/22/11: NC Special Local Needs label for Velpar on blueberry was cancelled. PHI is now 90 days
06/28/11: New label for Select Max w/o surfactant for use without an added adjuvant when applied to certain vegetable crops.
05/02/11: New Herbicide Injury photos for Blackberry injury resulting from spray drift last fall of glyphosate + 2,4-D.
04/08/11: New weed notes for Select Max Cleared for Use in Bearing Caneberry and Blueberry and Sandea Receives Approval for Use in Apple Orchards.
11/16/10: New links for NC Blueberry Council. New search button.
08/18/10: New Herbicide Injury photos for Valor, 2,4-D and Reflex to Sweetpotato
07/09/10: New Herbicide Injury photos for Glyphosate and Prefix drift to Peach.
06/18/10: New Weed ID photo for Redroot.
06/18/10: New photos for Blackberry and Blueberry.
05/26/10: New photos for Asparagus and Grape.
05/25/10: New Herbicide Injury photos for Paraquat Drift injury to Peach.
05/20/10: New Weed ID photos for Maryland meadowbeauty and Redroot.
05/20/10: New general links for NC Vegetable Grower's Association and Virginia Tech Weed ID Guide.
05/20/10: New recommended links for Strawberry, Blueberry, Sweetpotato, Watermelon, Blackberry, Raspberry.
05/18/10: New Herbicide Injury photos for Glyphosate injury to Tomato.
05/18/10: New recommended links for Strawberry and Tomato growers
05/17/10: Rely Formulation Changes Again - read more
05/16/10: New Herbicide Injury photos for Glyphosate injury to Sweetpotato roots.
05/13/10: New extension publications for Herbicide Carryover in Hay, Manure, Compost, and Grass Clippings.
05/03/10: New Herbicide Injury photos for Glyphosate injury to Palmer Amaranth and Sweetpotato
05/03/10 New Herbicide Injury photos for Stinger to Tomatoes and Peppers, Matran 2 injury to Strawberries and Morningglory, Acetic Acid injury to Tomatoes and Strawberries and Chateau injury to ryegrass
05/03/10: New Herbicide Injury photos for Glyphosate injury to Palmer Amaranth and Sweetpotato
05/03/10: New Herbicide Injury photos for Solicam injury to Pokeweed
05/03/10: New Herbicide Injury photos for Chateau injury to Strawberries (postemergence)
04/30/10: New photos for Sweetpotato.
04/29/10: New Herbicide Injury photos for Terbacil (Sinbar) injury to blackberry & strawberry
04/13/10: Updates to contacts
04/13/10: New Herbicide Injury photos for Blackberries and Tomotoes.
04/08/10: New banner photo of Sandhills Station.
04/07/10: New photos for Asparagus.
04/05/10: New links for Peaches.
03/30/10: New Images added to recommendations pages for Peaches, Pecans, Blackberries and Grapes
03/30/10: Contact info updated
03/29/10: Apple and Peach Spray Guide Links Added
03/19/10: New link added for Herbicide Adjuvants
03/17/10: New Regulatory Recommendations and Links
03/15/10: New phtotos added in Herbicide Injury
03/10/10: New weeds added in Weed ID
03/10/10: New extension publication - Specialty Crops in North Carolina: Acreage and Distribution
03/10/10: Recommendations updated for Greens and Cole Crops
03/05/10: SE US 2010 Vegetable Crop Handbook available for download
03/05/10: New Links added
03/02/10: New weed notes - What is the IR-4 Project ...
02/25/10: New weeds added to Weed ID
02/25/10: New recommendations added
02/25/10: Updates to Weed Notes include Strategy Herbicide in Vegetable and Which Morningglory Do I Have?
02/25/10: New Banner photos added
02/25/10: Contact information updated